Winter Coaster Solace Weekend 2004
Knott's Berry Farm, Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom, Castle Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain!

The weekend started out at Buca's where Dan consumed more food than most ACErs could eat!  =)

Joey actually pays up for dinner!

Elissa's shirt works on so many levels!  =)

It was fun yelling "It's only dirt!!!!" from 300 feet in the air.

This guy is at Knott's WAY too often!

We rode the other rides during ERT....

....because one train operations made for some longer than normal lines.

Random weird Westcoaster people!  =)

It was time to fit all the scary people in the kiddie coaster.

Dan had no problem because he weighs less than most 10 year olds....

...Jim gave the Knott's employee his work out for the morning....

...and this is one credit that Gregg's wife and kids will get, but he won't!  =)

After Gregg and Robb managed to fit in one Jaguar car, we tried for three....didn't work, though!

Brian looks like he's trying to sink the boat!

We went back to XLR8R after ERT to find no line whatsoever!  

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