Winter Coaster Solace Weekend 2004
Knott's Berry Farm, Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom, Castle Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain!

We sneak off from the group for some private time on the Sky Cabin.

We started off on our hundred mile side trip at
Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom in Redlands.

We had heard some really negative things about Pharaoh's, but we actually kind of liked this little park.

Of course, the "Creaming Mummy" kind of says it all.  =)

Robb doesn't need the credit...he got it in Iowa!!!

Yay!  Elissa gets the credit!

Next up on our list of parks was
Castle Park in Riverside.

We had been here before and loved the park, but Elissa needed the kiddie credit.
As you can see...she fits right in with this crowd!  =)

Check her out on her 500th coaster credit!

Arriving back at Knott's we find most of the Westcoaster staff experiencing one of Knott's premiere attractions.

"Hey Jim....I'm bored....come get me, baby?"

The country line dancing show is the best attraction there!'ve been banned from Westcoaster for making that shirt!  =)

The "Westcoaster Staff Photo"
Elissa with her blinding shoes, Joey the Jew, Lord and master Jim Disney, Mr. "LIM Project" Andrew,
Dan the diabetic, "Hey, where's our pillows???" Gregg, "English Teacher" Eric, 
(in front) Robb holding the corn dog in just the right spot, and 'newbie admin' George!

Jim decided he wants in on that "Robb's Corn Dog" action!  =)

More of the extended Westcoaster family (aka...the coaster rejects!)  =)

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