Theme Park Review's
Pick N Mix Video Contest #1
We supply the footage, YOU edit it!

Hey everyone!  After the success of our annual video contest we have decided to try something totally new and different.
The "Pick N Mix" idea is much like popular Photoshop contests where someone supplies a photo, and everyone uses their imagination
to create something different out of it.  Pick N Mix is the same concept, but with video.

A few weeks ago, we released about 20 minutes worth of "raw footage" available for download.  Many of our forum members downloaded
the footage and went to town editing it!  We received over 40 submissions from our users!  Below you can download the 20 that made the cut.


Congrats to the following winners:

Theme Park Review Readers Choice Top Five
#1: Arrowfanman
#2: Loopy
#3: Zachlewis
#4: JMan
#5: Wes41190

Robb & Elissa's Top Five
#1: Loopy
#2: Jew
#3: Arrowfanman
#4: DailyBugle
#5: Wes44190

Download the contest entries below:
Luxo's  Pick N Mix Entry
ZachLewis's  Pick N Mix Entry
JMan's  Pick N Mix Entry
Chrissie's  Pick N Mix Entry
DisWiz's  Pick N Mix Entry
TwisterII's  Pick N Mix Entry
CoasterRider1998's  Pick N Mix Entry
ClintDulieu's  Pick N Mix Entry
BPM4President's  Pick N Mix Entry
KevinT's  Pick N Mix Entry
ArrowFanMan's Pick N Mix Entry
ColinCoon's Pick N Mix Entry
CoasterFanatic's Pick N Mix Entry
Loopy's  Pick N Mix Entry
Jew's Pick N Mix Entry
ErikJohnson's Pick N Mix Entry
Wes41190's Pick N Mix Entry
Piso's Pick N Mix Entry
DailyBugle's Pick N Mix Entry
Jarmor's Pick N Mix Entry

For more information about the Pick N Mix contest including rules click HERE!

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