Robb & Elissa's* "June Trip 2001"

Six Flags America, Paramount's King's Dominion, Six Flags New England,
Dorney Park, and Hersheypark, all in 7 days!

Robb pop's Elissa's Whip cherry!  Yeah, baby!  =)

The 'not-so-Wild' Mouse.

C'mon, Dave, we're off the ride, you can wake up now!

Talon exerts even MORE forces than the mighty GOLIATH! 

As you can see.....

Robb is a man of many expressions....

But Dave only has one!

Elissa shows off her pig tails and her 'picnic table' tank top.  

Two thumbs up for the Vekoma Boomerang!

Elissa thinks "Please don't let him touch me....please don't let him touch me!"

We arrived at SFA for the Bat-Flight walkback.  Elissa baked cookies and the cookies were happy to
survive this long with Robb in the car!

We waited a long time for Stealh-Bat....but at least it's not raining!

Thanks again Sam for the great ERT on X-Wing!  =)
Oh, yeah, and thanks for the rain, too!  =)

We did get to watch Stealth-Flight test 30 times.  I'm sure it will be just as good as X-Flight when we finally get to ride!

"Would you like a smoking or non-smoking row, sir?"

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