Walt Disney World Resort - Blizzard Beach
Orlando, FL
Official Web Site:

"Florida 2001 Trip"

Hey! They guy from Millionaire followed us to Blizzard Beach!

Elissa, Dallas and Bethany hang out on one of Blizzard Beach's ice bergs.

Blizzard Beach is a water park themed to looked like a ski resort.

Elissa splashes into the Downhill Double Dipper pool.

This is about as far as Bethany made it on the zip line!

The Lazy River is one of Dallas' favorites.

"Hey!  Get that yucky hairy foot away from me!"

Elissa thinks "Yeah, baby!  I got my Alvey!"
Dallas thinks "Is that Tower of Terror in the background??"

Elissa is smiling because she knows the fat guy taking this picture might fly off the end of the slide!

"We at Theme Park Review cannot be held responsible for any mental of physical damage this picture may have caused"

Elissa says "C'mon my little Alvey, come to Elissa...I'll take care of you!"

"Jump into my arms Dallas, this would be legal in Amsterdam!"

At least the water at the Disney parks doesn't eat your flesh!

"Ok, now that we're done with Blizzard Beach, I'm gonna eat these two kids!"

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