Florida Spring 2004 Trip!
...or "The Segway Around the World" tour at Epcot!

Photos from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Busch Gardens Tampa
Click here to download our Epcot Segway Video at Walt Disney World!

Our trip started off with doing something different....riding around the World Showcase in Epcot on a Segway!
This special tour begins at the training center in Innoventions.

On the obstacle course you learn how to use the Segway.
First starting off simple...back and forth...left and right....

...then they told us to move around the cones in circles and all hell broke loose!  =)

They went over all the safety features and warnings including *DEATH*!!!!

Off we go!  Here we are in Italy!  (Hi Dan!)  =)

Elissa does her "lucky cat" impression in Japan.....

....we take a stroll through Morocco.....

...including right through the....gift shops?!?

In France Elissa says "Ohh la la.... Le Segway!"

After an hour of riding around the world, we had to take the Segways back home to Innoventions....
This tour was some of the most fun we've had at Disney World!  We highly recommend it!

After the tour, we went on Test Track....and Derek tried to become one with the theming!

Single riders line means no wait at all...and I get to be single again!  =)

Here is our official "Soarin' Construction Photo!"
(Robb's not the biggest fan of this ride!) 

We got mom on Mission Space!
"Anybody have a saltine???"  =)

Hey look!  We found Nemo!!!

Is Derek even old enough to drink beer?

This was dad's favorite part of the trip!

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