Florida Spring 2004 Trip!
...or "The Segway Around the World" tour at Epcot!

Photos from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Busch Gardens Tampa
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The boys go hang out with the princess, however dad got the girl and it looks like Robb got Derek?

Yup...it would appear that was the case! 

Time to say goodbye to Epcot and head to MGM!

Disneyland Resort take note!  See that "Guests without bags" line?  GET ONE!!!!!

Ahhh....the 'good' tower!  =)

Yay!  It's our official "Paris stunt show coming to MGM" construction photo!

It's hard to grasp the sheer size of this bathroom in a photo, but I could easily park the Toyota Echo
in here!  This 'largest stall in the world' can be found just to the left of Rock N Roller Coaster!

We had one of the best Tower of Terror programs ever on this trip!

Yay!  Guess what?  It's the official "Random Mummy stuff located in Citiwalk to promote the new ride" Photo!

This is Universal Studios Florida.  It looks NOTHING like the Hollywood version!

This is our last official "Mummy construction photo!"

We thought the stroller parking sign was cute.

This is a picture of a roller coaster...I guess I should have more of these on this site, huh?  =)

Oh, yeah, and this roller coaster is called "Hulk"
(BTW, if you didn't already know that, remove yourself from this website RIGHT NOW!)

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