Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Official Website:
Efteling English Website

European Coaster Odyssey 2002!
Two weeks visiting Europe's best theme parks!

The impressive entrance gate into Efteling.

Lots of this park looks VERY "Roller Coaster Tycoon"

Don't let the facade fool you...there's a Vekoma ride inside!

They knew Robb was coming!

Ghost Boy takes the front seat on the Intamin bobsled!

Another shot of "Bob".

Elissa was so hungry by the point, she almost ate one of the many gum walls!

At least this Vekoma ride isn't hiding in a building!

With the new Vekoma trains, it wasn't too bad.

The flying island was a first for many of us.

Pegasus was very unique with it's polyurethane wheels.

It was just a kiddie ride...

but still had some fun moments.

Robb antagonizes some poor farm animals!

But this angry sheep fights back!
(you need to see the video for this one!)  =)

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