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Chorley, England
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What's sitting in Camelot's Parking Lot?   Hmmmm...
(disclaimer - the track pieces  pictured in the photos below were sitting out in the open. No rules or laws that we could tell were broken in an effort
to take these photos.  We're very excited about the possibility of this coaster re-opening.  If you have any questions or comments please email me here.
We are professional ride photographers who have been doing this for years - "Don't try this at home!")

Note: Since these photos were taken, Camelot has made an official announcement HERE. 

So we were told that there was something interesting at Camelot sitting out behind their Holiday Village....let's have a look, shall we?

"Robb, If you find the track, I'll give you this Double Decker!"
"OMG!  We are finding track!!!  We had BETTER find track!!!!"

We wandered around the Village a bit...didn't see anything, but wait....there's a road over there behind that open gate!
Let's go turn the corner and see what we find!

Woah!!!!  Coaster Track!!!

And it looks to be the old "BMRX" that used to be at Kobe Portipialand in Japan!

Trains aren't looking in the best of shape, though...

And everything else looks more like a ride "rotting away" that something ready to be constructed.

These pieces didn't look too bad, I guess.

Here is what the ride looked like when we rode it in Japan a year ago.  Doesn't look like the mountain made it to the UK!

And here is a POV video of what BMRX was like in Japan:

If this video does not play in your browser, you can download it HERE!

Hey!  That's straight bits!  If they don't work as a coaster, we can always use them as a ladder!

Just pretend some random Japanese guy is up there pressing buttons...that's at least how I remember it!  =)

It just kind of seemed like the track was thrown anywhere...

Random train parts scattered around...

"I like the pink train the best!"

A year ago we were riding the pink train in Japan, now it's sitting in a bone yard in England!

Train parts are better than chicken parts!

But nothing is better than Elephant Parts!  Ahh, Michael Nesmith!

Awww....this makes me miss Japan!

Awww!  Double AWWWW!!!  They are using the old Kobe Portipotty park signs as packing material!!!

"Grrrr!!!  I'm the ANGRY TRACK PIECE!!!!  GIMME SOME LUBE!!!"

Japanese writing still on the trains.


or...."Robb proves he's fatter than Super Mario!"  =)

More track parts, because, well...this is the track graveyard, and it wouldn't make any sense of poodles were in the track graveyard!

No poodles here.

Yay!!!  For all you seat cushion enthusiasts, there is something for you here too!

This train lost in a mud wrestling competition.

The letters spelled out "TUEAITT"  Hmm?  "Too Eat?"  Hot damn, I get a free lunch!!!

More random track bits that will hopefully someday make up a reincarnated "BMRX."

What are these track parts??!  This doesn't look like BMRX does it?  Enter the TPR contest to guess what coaster this track is from!
If you know what coaster this is from EMAIL DAN!!!

The winner will get a night in a cheap motel with Lou!!!!
So you better start EMAILING DAN now!!!


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