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Speed: The Ride
Nascar Cafe, Las Vegas, NV
Official web site: 

All photos and captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

Speed: The Ride is the latest coaster to open on the Las Vegas Strip.

This was to be Grant's first ride on a launching coaster, as well as his first backwards ride, 
so we weren't quite sure how he'd do.

In the station, Grant awaits his first ride.  
He looks a little unsure, while Elissa is just laughing to herself!  =)

You are launched out of the station at 55MPH and quickly head into an
 over banked turn heading down Las Vegad Blvd.

The initial launch seems to have taken it's toll on Grant.  I hope he didn't have too much to eat for lunch!

The train dives into an underground tunnel, then up to the vertical loop.

Speed has one vertical loop that you travel through twice.

Grant looks like he's having a bit more fun now.

The train speeds along the strip!

And goes right through the middle of the Sahara sign!

Just before the spike, the trains gets an extra kick of speed through a second set of LIMs.

well, it's looks like Grant is having a good time on coaster, that is!  =)

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