Carlsbad, CA
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Bright and early, we arrive at Legoland!

Way to go Dallas!

Elissa has no choice but to surrender to the powers of Bethany and Dallas.

These Lego penguins are horrified to realize they've made a wrong turn and are in California!

The "Lego Technic Test Track" could very well be the coolest wild mouse coaster ever!

Elissa seems to be enjoying the ride but Dallas is thinking "Oh, PLEASE don't let me have an aneurysm!" 

They took one look at Robb, and he was hired instantly! Looks like Robb has to move back to the west coast!

Many historical monuments can be found at Legoland!!

Please don't shoot, we didn't steal this boat, we swear!

The Aquazone is kind of a 'whip meets a water ride' contraption.

Bethany steers Elissa into one of the FREE water cannons!

After all of the collisions we saw on this ride earlier, Dallas was a bit hesitant to take the helm.

Was this guy still here after "Block Party"??? =)

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