Aqua Stadium
Tokyo, Japan
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Theme Park Review Goes To Asia!

So would you believe it?  Inside that hotel is a theme park with a looping roller coaster!

Aqua Stadium, here we come!

Yes!  That giant arrow is pointing in our direction!

Yup, we're all tall enough to ride, so off we go!

And just in case you forgot where we're at, it's been tattooed on this dolphin.

My and my scary chest hair have our tickets (one for me, one for the chest hair) and we're ready to ride!

This looks like the place we need to be.

After a pre-show starting the captain and some hot Japanese chick, the doors open....

And yay!  There's the train!

And there's the train again.

And ooooooh!  Train pictures with the lights on!

And another one!  (It's kind of hard to get lots of photos of the ride when it's all in the dark!)

And just in case you wanted more Galaxy Express...there's a shop!

"I found the captain...but where's that hot chick?"

They've also got a carousel with some funky cool lights!

Elissa says "The best part is....there's a McDonald's nearby!"

To watch our Galaxy Express 999 video , click the above image!
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Thanks to Quaker for the extra photos!

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