Las Vegas Trip 2004!
Photos and Video from our Las Vegas weekend!
Featuring Circus Circus Adventure Dome, Manhattan Express, Desperado, 
Carrabba's, and some fun in the hotels!

Click HERE to download the Manhattan Express video, some of the funniest coaster footage ever taken!
(WARNING! Explicit language in this video!)

Finally we got around to checking out some hotels....

Everything is huge in Vegas....large hotels.....

Enormous fountains....

Gregg's super butt crack....

the Eiffel Tower.

Gregg's ducky side-kick stayed with him the whole trip!

And Robb hung out with his flowers more than Elissa! 
(Gotta love the look on his face!)

All Elissa won is some crappy tiger. for the highlight of the trip! 
Carrabba's two nights in a row!

Elissa ate forty pounds of cheese.

Our last night was spent at
Buffalo Bills so we could ride Desperado.

Desperado hasn't been aging well either.  =(

Right here was probably the worst *SLAM* on the entire ride.

Still had some good airtime, but overall it's gotten pretty bad.
(Not to mention waking us up at 6am didn't help either!)

Here are some things we've learned from this Vegas trip:
Carrrabba's is only 4 hours away from us.
- Vegas is awesome, we need to go more. - All of the coasters in Vegas now suck!<
- Next visit we will have to give Speed aanother ride and check out X-SCREAM at Stratosphere.
- Gregg still rides the short bus!  =)

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