Las Vegas Trip 2004!
Photos and Video from our Las Vegas weekend!
Featuring Circus Circus Adventure Dome, Manhattan Express, Desperado, 
Carrabba's, and some fun in the hotels!

Click HERE to download the Manhattan Express video, some of the funniest coaster footage ever taken!
(WARNING! Explicit language in this video!)

The Adventuredome was like a "Dance Dance Revolution game Mecca!"

They had pretty much every variety of Konami's "Bemani" games!

We go for trying out "Butterfly" on Dance Maniax.

While Gregg bashes away at the bongos!

Gregg shows off his "Tommy Faircloth" impression.

Awww...Elissa finds a furry friend (other than Robb) to hang out with!

Hehe...'nuff said!  =)

We found some very 'interesting' Vegas souvenirs in the Forum gift shops!

...and hey, at least they don't discriminate in Vegas!  =)

Gregg displays some typical
Westcoaster behavior of 'boob slapping'! 

Ahh! We've put it off as long as possible!  
It was time for our daily torture of Manhattan Express at the
New York, New York hotel.

Now, this drop looks like it shouldn't be's just going straight down....

Gregg and Robb decided to take a front seat ride together...

..and you'll hear their tourette's syndrome kick in when you watch the Manhattan Express

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