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Holiday World
Santa Claus, IN
Official Web Site:

"Stark Raven Mad" - 2002

Download Robb & Elissa's award winning SRM 2002 Video HERE!

Photos and Captions by Robb Alvey & Elissa White

SRM Virgin John pops his own cherry on the Raven!

The new extended Legend station!

Adam shows off that he hasn't changed his socks since October!

Mike...he's still bald...and he's still goofy!  =)

Wasn't this ride supposed to go to Cedar Point?

Holiday World's new water ride almost dwarfs the Legend!

Mormons sure do eat funny!

"Movie stars forever"

As the sun sets, the craziness starts to happen....

Legend looked just eerie at night.

Night falls which means it's time to crack open the glow sticks!

Death by glow stick!

Why is it that Robb has a different man every SRM?

Adam is in SHOCK over what Robb & Sean do next!  =)

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