Cedar Point
Sandusky, Oh
Official Website: http://www.cedarpoint.com/

Stark Raven Mad 2001 Trip!

Look Kevin!  It's a B&M!

Aww, poor Elissa was really looking forward to eating an Elephant ear.
(not pictured is Robb, who was look forward to eating MANY elephant ears!)

That's Robb & Kevin in the front seat!
(BTW, where's the Blue train? Oh, with Robb's weight in the front seat, the blue train was WAY behind them!)

Four thumbs up for the Gemini from the dork twins!

I didn't know we were at Cedar Point on gay day! 

Here's the Knott's Jam but where's GhostRider? 
Derek asks "Where's the berry punch?"

Kevin and Derek take an interesting spin on 'line jumping'.

This is the best action Elissa got on the trip!

Elissa's favorite part of Cedar Point...the GOO!

As we pass by Raptor, Kevin starts to cry!

Derek tries his Tony Hawk impersonation!

Kevin whores himself out for a free ride on Raptor!

It's the "Slutten Bitchen!"

Kevin tries the new Vekoma fence ride at Cedar Point!

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