Winter Coaster Solace Weekend 2004
Knott's Berry Farm, Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom, Castle Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Next up was dinner at Amber Waves!
Wes and Joey on their romantic dinner and their 'make-shift' yamakas!

Snoopy and Gregg share a common trait!

Since it took us 45 minutes for our order to be taken, we decided to make the most of it.....

Corey and Josh had the right idea!

The next morning at Magic Mountain, it was great that they had X up and running with TWO trains!

Gregg and Kristi are gonna love X!'s a picture of a coaster....I guess I ought to have a few on this site!  =)

Now this is how an ERT should be.

We had a better time in the first two hours at SFMM than we did the entire previous day!

Yay!  Looks like the Atom Smasher is almost done with its rehab.

Gregg is big enough to be a sundial!

Westcoaster took over an entire Gold Rusher train.

We're not sure who the guy on the right is, but we nicknamed him "Crocodile Dundee...." because of the hat!
He gets the "typical ACEr award" for having complained and yelled the most BEFORE even entering the park!

Since Robb is done with coaster videos, we figure we'd pass on the legacy to the next generation.

The group photo from SFMM....smaller group....but had an AWESOME time.

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