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Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Santa Cruz, CA
Official Web site:

The Santa Cruz Giant Dipper is an example of a 'classic' wooden roller coaster.

There are lots of drops and curves in this one!

baya37.jpg (39253 bytes)
The coaster towers over everything else on the boardwalk!

baya25.jpg (51775 bytes)
Blue sky, palm trees, and coasters!

The first drop of the Giant Dipper.

The entrance to the ride's famous tunnel!

Bethany and Dallas seem to be having a good time on the pirate ship!

The park has restored one of the original Giant Dipper cars for the 75th Anniversary.

Dallas took his first upside down ride on the Rock-O-Plane!

Bethany in the queue for the Giant Dipper.

Dallas just enjoying the boardwalk!

The Log Ride delivers quite a splash!

baya38.jpg (21582 bytes)
There is very little straight track on the Hurricane!

baya39.jpg (31954 bytes)
Craig and Jim set off on their first ride!

baya16.jpg (36080 bytes)
Craig gives a thumbs up for the Tilt-A-Whirl...

baya23.jpg (35983 bytes)
...But doesn't look so sure about the Scrambler!

baya20.jpg (28811 bytes)
"Look!  No hands!"

baya22.jpg (30161 bytes)
SCBB has one of them nifty ring dispensers.

          baya40.jpg (24285 bytes)
The only thing scarier than Craig with a gun...

baya24.jpg (20173 bytes)
...Is Fred at the Haunted House!

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