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Universal Studios Orlando
1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, Florida 32819
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Photos From "Florida Trip" 2001

This is Mythos...The employees are still in SHOCK from our many visits here: "Well, we're out of fresh Mozzarella until 2008, and I have NO idea what happened to all that Balsamic Chicken we had!"

Dallas tried to steal some of Elissa's fresh mozzarella and now you can see he's slowly being put to his death for his crimes. 

"At least it wasn't raining at IOA!"

The Flying Unicorn is a coaster that all of us could ride.

Dallas, unlike Derek, has "Elissa touching" privileges!

"Welcome to Jurassic Park"

"Is this where I can re-fill the flesh eating water cannon?"

We took a couple hours to relax in Camp Jurassic.

Ok, I wish I could come up with a caption for this picture, but as luck would have it, I've just been stabbed in the eyeballs and can't.  So please EMAIL me your best caption and if I like it and use it,  you'll win an all-expense paid trip to absolutely nowhere.  Good Luck!

Bethany takes her first ride on a Pteranodon 

"Watch out...it might pee on you!"

Dallas thinks "Hmm...maybe after I'm done spraying with flesh eating water cannon,  I can saw off Bethany's legs and feed them to the Triceratops!"

Now this is something that Disney wouldn't' touch with a 10-foot cattle prod!

Elissa scores some points in "You Bet Jurassic!"

GO BLUE! We almost have a winner!

Is it not surprising that the person who holds the Guinness Book of World's Records for  "Most Times Watched Jurassic Park and Lost World  in a single week  without getting up for Pasta or Ovaltine" wins the game show?

This is Spider-Man.  We've been told it's the most amazing ride in the world.

Dallas is imitating the world famous "Statue of Churro" as seen in NYC.

These people just had an AWESOME ride on Dr. Doom.  

"Starting today, I will be counting the Dragons as FIVE credits!"  (note: see Jeff Johnson for further explanation!)

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