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Universal Studios Orlando
1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, Florida 32819
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Halloween Horror Nights 23 Report

Resident Evil will be a huge hit especially with fans of the game.

Entrance area starts with a battle between the police and zombies.

The maze is complete with a "game save" and "pause" screen.

Cabin in the Woods was an incredible cool movie and the creative team put together an AWESOME maze!

Yup, they have two "cabin" mazes this year, but each one is VERY different!

The scenery was just unreal. It was almost "pretty" in that absolutely disgusting sense!

Some of the scenes were disorienting in gore!

Oh, yes, there will be clowns!

Alcohol plays a very important part of Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando...

...so of course we stopped by the perfect place to get a beer! =)

Back on the Walking Dead streets fans will recognize scenes from all three seasons.

No shortage of zombies and guts in the streets!

Dudes eating dudes....a pretty common sight in Orlando, to be honest. ;)

Walkers were all around...watch yourselves!

The barn, the RV, many of the core images from the show are all here.

Elissa loved the bunnies! =)

I gotta admit, while I do like some of the licensed IPs that Universal has been going after recently, I do actually miss the old "icons" they used to wrap the event around. Maybe one day these will come back in more than just a small cameo appearance.

Could Elissa be the next "queen of Halloween?" Creepy!

Most frightening thing we'll see all night! =) (Seriously a Barney maze would FREAK THE HELL out of me!!!)

La Llorona was a maze originally done at Universal Studios in Hollywood, and they brought most of it to Orlando.

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