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Universal Studios Orlando
1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, Florida 32819
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TPR's October 2013 Trip

The next installment in our Orlando October Adventure was a very long day! Started out with a quick visit to both Universal Orlando parks, followed by checking into the TPR "Orlando House", then doing something really strange, and then finally a night of Carrabba's with a "Cards Against Humanity" capper!

WOW! What a day!!!

TP Dave has not been to Universal Orlando since 2007 - Which way should we go first?

We decided to go to IOA, because, as it turns out...

TP Dave is a closet HARRY POTTER FREAK!!! (he IS British after all!)

TP Dave took pictures of everything. Not sure why though, he kept saying "This is EXACTLY what it looks like back home!"

"This looks just like my living room!"

I know this means something to the Potter fans, but I gotta be honest, I still think it looks like a talking poop! =)

This is not actually at Universal's Islands of Adventure, this is just a picture of TP Dave's house in London. He wanted me to include it in this trip report so you can see how close the Harry Potter land is to actual locations in England.

"Every pub in England serves this stuff!"

"What this this??? This wasn't in any of the books? Tear it down!!!"

Mr Mythos says "I'm sad Amy Winehouse died."

Can they please just take this out so it doesn't keep reminding me of it?

Hats and things... yup!

This time...I think.... it's going to work!

Rip Ride Rockit is still the most underrated coaster in Central Florida! I don't get the people who claim it's so "rough." Either people are just complete pussies, or they need to go and ride some more roller coasters because there are probably at least a thousand rides in the world worse than this one!

We did Transformers. I like it! I still like Spider-Man better, but this is a solid ride. Good show, Universal!

IMO, still the best shooting dark ride ever created. Shocked this never made it into other Universal parks.

We checked out the new Simpsons area and ate at Moe's Tavern! HOLY CRAP THE FOOD WAS AWESOME!!!!

Really think that Moe's Tavern is one of the coolest "hang out" places of any theme park!

TP Dave is experiencing something "flaming" for his very first time! :P

They are building something here, but no one knows what!

Ahh! Of course! It's going to be a re-build of the Jaws ride! Yay!

See! They have even started on the new Amity theming!!!

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