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TusenFryd AS, 1407 Vinterbro, Norway
64 97 66 99
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TPR's 2009 Scandi Tour

This is the entrance to Karolinelund. If you are going to visit the park, you want to drive around the world, to the left and when you see this sign, get out of your car. Buy a ticket. Go inside. And then you will be visiting Karolinelund.

This group THINKS they are waiting in line for the "Two women on a water bed" ride (two muscular men for the panthers), but HA HA! The jokes on them...they are actually in line for a Vekoma Boomerang.

Can you guess which one of these guys is clenching his sphincter? If you said Craig (the slightly retarded looking one on the right) you're RIGHT!

Steve is doing his "Cameron Fry" from Ferris Bueller's Day Off impression.

Yay for the Vekoma Boomerang!

Pay no attention to the alien with four arms.

Next up was the Pinfari Looping coaster.


Say hello to Mr. Bucket. Mr. Bucket is on a track that carries your random stuff from the loading to the unload platform. Mr. Bucket is clearly the best part of this ride!

Aha! Coney Island was not the only park with a "turntable Wacky Worm!"

Big Mike and Robb clenched and squished into the same seat of the Wacky Worm. How will they ever get out?

Yay for the Wacky Worm! We all felt that Karolinelund was a nice little surprise. While the coaster line-up may not have been amazing for "coaster enthusiasts" this is a great little park to spend an afternoon with the family.


Three hours later Big Mike and Robb are still trying to de-squish out of the Wacky Worm.


Next up was a "three hour tour" on this mini TPR-Cruise!

There are no midgets in this photo.

Behind the scenes with the Big Mike Roadshow Mobile Edition!

I'll raise you a half-glass of coke, an open bag of M & M's and two crispy foreskins.

It's the LOVE BOAT!

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