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Gilroy Gardens
3050 Hecker Pass Hwy Gilroy, CA 95020
(408) 840-7100
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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Trip

Today Gilroy Gardens welcomed Theme Park Review! If only they knew what they were getting themselves into! =)
Oh yeah, and thanks for the box lunch! I ate my weight in Doritos...amazing!

For starters, how about a little ERT on the park's main attraction - Quicksilver Express!

Hooray! ERT!!!

Out of the station and into the woods...spooky!

The woods are infested with animatronic killer raccoons.


"We are doing the wave! The wave! Hooray!"

It's blurry because it goes 100MPH! (not really)

This is Quicksilver Express. Yup.

For those of you who may not know, Gilroy Gardens started out as Bonfante Gardens, where the focus was on the park's botanical attractions. Thus all the rides, including the roller coasters have lots of trees and other foliage.


Every ride at Gilroy Gardens is extremely well landscaped.

The Rainbow Garden is Piers Approved!

It's one of those "spinning boat rides" and doesn't really start out as "spinning" but it certainly can end up that way! =)

Yes, KidTums is holding a stuffed garlic.

Good luck staying straight! (I'm talking about the ride vehicle!!!)

OMG! Look at how fast they are spinning!

No, really, they are spinning very, VERY fast!

"Oh my! What am I supposed to do here?"

"Is this how it's done? I'm really not used to this."

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