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Tokyo Disneyland
1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-8511 Japan
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TPR's 2013 Japan Tour

We've done a lot of Tokyo Disney reports now, simply because Tokyo Disney is the best place on earth! In 2013 we visited the parks again and spent 5 days at the resort. I've decided that I'm going to do this report just uploading photos as I took them, so if some things seem a bit out of order or whatever, sorry, that's just how our day went! Enjoy! =)

We came here for Yakitori as it's probably our favorite Japanese food, and the one thing you really can't get good, authentic version of in almost anywhere in America.

Yes, Elissa is having oral sex with the bowl. And yes, I am jealous of the bowl.

The place is crazy. It's like Times Square with this nutty crossing. Everyone waits patiently, then BAM, the light turns green and there are people EVERYWHERE!!!

We finished our yummy Yakitori and now we are back!

That looks like a lot like the Main Street Electrical Parade...


It had pretty colorful floats and stuff...

Sully was all lit up and things...

...but we had better things planned! =)

This might be the best "engrish" I saw the entire trip! lol

Star Tours all lit up at night...

Yup, it's Space Mountain...

Yess.....Star Tours 2.0. Means we get to go even more places and stuff!

C-3PO just doing his robot thing...

Hitchhiking... um... droids?

Droid with droid pets? I think?

Look, ma! It's pretty in here!

And if you get nostalgic for the old version of Star Tours (in Japanese), you can always watch this:

Looks great all lit up at night!

I really do love the entire covered "World Bazaar" area.

Good night Tokyo Disneyland...see you again tomorrow morning! =)

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