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Robb & Elissa's New York City Trip - 2011

And now for the most awesome thing ever! We are going to make our very own Muppet!

First they give you this colorforms-like kit to mix and match the pieces to first create your Muppet on paper.

There are a lot of different options!

And all those options can make a LOT of different Muppets!

What you get us an actual REAL Muppet just like they use on the Muppet Show!

First you choose an Orange, Green, or Blue Muppet.

Filling out all my Muppet options and signing my life away...

Here is my Muppet in his "birthday suit"

Here are the Muppet creators working on making the characters.

And here is the final product! Awesome!!!

"I an going to do evil things with my new Muppet!"

The most dressed up we've been since our wedding!

What an amazing view!

Wait...this is a better view!

The reason we are in New York!

Elissa and the very happy bride!

And once again... Three hot chicks!

This was a neat idea. They had a photo booth to take guest pictures at. One copy was yours to keep, one copy went into a scrapbook for the bride & groom. Most people took "normal" photos! :)

Did I mention this place has an amazing view of NYC?

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