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Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California 91608
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Halloween Horror Nights 2009

Once again Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights reigns as the best Halloween event in Southern California! You will not find an event this intense anywhere in So Cal! Every maze will leave you feeling like 'OMFG HOW DID I SURVIVE THAT?!?!'

If you live in Southern California and you're going to any other Halloween Event...you've gone to the WRONG EVENT!!! =)

The final maze of the night, and by far the BEST!

They had an animatronic Billy greet the guests.


If you are a fan of the Saw movies, you'll recognize some of these scenes.

The saw gun trap.

Hooray for frozen boobies!

And this just looks yummy...maybe needs some balsamic vinegar.

Hey doctor...he's gone...no point in even trying to save him.

Oh man, this is going to be awesome!

Yay! We will grab our party pack and get ready to have some fun!

It couldn't get any gayer than this!

The Rocky Tribute was absolutely FANTASTIC! If you're a fan of the movie, and know the songs, you'll LOVE this!

The cast was also incredible. I've seen the whole show in London's West End and this cast was just as good!

"Let's do the Time Warp again!" (Ok, if there was any one criticism I had with this show it's that I felt they could have done a better job of getting the audience to participate. We were told at the beginning of the show that this was "interactive" and they even sold us packs of goodies, but at no point during the show did they have anyone instruct the crowd to hold up the glow sticks, ring the cow bells, or stand up to do the Time Warp. I hope this is addressed for next year!)

Columbia and Magenta were both amazing! Seriously, I can't say enough how great this cast was.

However the girl who played Janet totally stole the show for me. Not just because she was OMFG freaking hot, but she played the character PERFECTLY!

Janet and Rocky's sex scene was insanely artsy, but totally cool.

Riff Raff had a solo that make the crowd squeal with glee!

The Floor Show. Always fun and rockin'. Again, I was just blown away at how good this show was. And since it was in the T2 theater, they also made use of some of the theater effects! (I won't give it away.) If they can help the audience "get into it" then between this and Bill & Ted the event's shows will almost out-awesome the mazes!

Once again Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights reigns as the best Halloween event in Southern California!

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to 2010!

Special thanks to William Shandling for the extra photos!

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