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Quantum of the Seas - Nov 2014

There are some things about this ship that are just outstanding. That SeaPlex area is one of the coolest things Ive seen on any ship; some of the food, like Jamies Italian was just stellar; and the tech used in the Starwater show in Two70 is just phenomenal.

Aside from the areas you would typically find on most ships (Pool deck, restaurants, theater, shopping, etc...) there are three "themed" areas - The Esplanade (this ships answer to the Promenade on other RCCL ships), SeaPlex, and Two70.

I feel like each of them have their own features that really set them apart. I am really happy to see the Esplanade on this ship as I really like the promenade areas on the other bigger RCCL ships, but this one is very different. It is much smaller but that does not make it any less interesting. There is a pub at one end of it, shopping in the middle, and lots of places to get snacks and other food items all around it. There is Sorrentos and Cafe Promenade here, which are both nice, and familiar if you have been on any of the other RCCL ships.

Two70 is a really interesting venue. It is like part theater, part bar, part quick service eating area, part lounge. Some of the tech that is in this area is some of the most insane I have seen on any ship! Projection mapping on the window area, kuka arms with giant plasma screens, and sectional stage areas that raise and lower. Just nuts. I watched a bit of the Starwater show tonight and while the content of the show itself was typical "cruise ship fare" (I am sure you know what I mean), the tech was just CRAZY. I mean, they could have been singing "The wheels on the bus" with some of that tech and it would still blow you away!

SeaPlex is probably my favorite new area on the ship. Take your typical sports and recreation area (basketball, ping pong tables, etc) bring it all indoors in a super cool, high tech recreation area with some never-before-seen on a cruise ship activities. Bumper Cars, Trapeze Circus School, Roller Skating, etc, along with your traditional basketball, volleyball, etc. There are ping pong tables, foozball, and an Xbox lounge along with the Hot Dog House all in this two story area. So far I think it is my favorite part of the ship.

Overall, this is a REALLY REALLY nice ship. It is ridiculously nice! Everything about it just seems to have a really high-end "classy" feel to it. Even the "fun" areas are all sleek and well designed with a more upper scale touch.

In many ways this a total departure from what we have seen from Royal Caribbean recent offerings on ships like Allure or Freedom. The ship feels a lot more like a spiritual successor to the Radiance class ships and even almost like a Royal Caribbean/Celebrity cross over concept.

There it is! Royal Caribbean's latest ship! That think sticking off the top? That's the "North Star." We'll get to that later! =)

Thing about this ship is that it has a LOT of indoor sections. The ship is designed to port out of colder climates year around, like New York, where you need more indoor space of things to do until you get down to the warmer weather.

There it is! North Star! Quite possibly the most funky attraction that I've seen on a cruise ship! It's an observation ride that goes 300 feet above the ship!

We got on the ship and we've got our WOW Bands! Yes, it's basically the "Magic Band" for Royal Caribbean! It's our room key, our sea pass card, how we charge things, our photopass, etc. I love it!

Rules and stuff for North Star.

We figured we'd come and do this first for two reasons: 1. We heard the lines could get long, and 2. an awesome view of NYC!

Here's the arm that brings up in the air!

Another look at the capsule. It's a lot like something you'd see from the London Eye.

Up we go!

Looking down at the ship!

And there is NYC from 300 feet in the air!

Looking at the back of the ship.

And there is Quantum of the Seas in all her glory!

Another shot of NYC.

Having an awesome time on North Star!

There's a better look at the capsule up in the air.

This gives you some perspective on just how tall it is!

Time Lapse video of North Star going up in the air!

Yes, it's giant pink bear, and yes it's fun! Love it!

They have one of those indoor skydiving things on the ship...

along with Bumper Cars at sea! Check out the video!

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