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Epcot at Walt Disney World
1675 N Buena Vista Dr Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
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TPR's October 2013 Trip

The final night of our Orlando trip was something very special for Elissa and myself.

Our 10th Wedding Anniversary falls on November 22nd, but we felt we would celebrate it a little early since so many of our friends were in town.

For our wedding in 2003, we hosted an 'Illuminations Dessert Party' where you can rent out a private area at Epcot, have amazing desserts, and an exclusive viewing section for their nighttime show Illuminations. We decided to do this for our 10th Anniversary as well.

Just like during our wedding ten years ago, we spent an entire day at Epcot, and then had our dessert party...

Epcot's Food & Wine Festival is hands down our favorite fall event at any of the Orlando parks. This was an absolutely fitting day to celebrate our anniversary!

Some of our group using the new RFID system for the first time! This never gets old! =)

Here we are! Test Track! All new and pretty again!

The "design your car" part of Test Track is seriously cool. I love this! I dunno if it's the video game nerd in me or what, but I really love the feature to the ride.

I seriously don't even know what the hell this is! But it's my car. You can make fun of it all you want. But I *LOVE* it!

The new Test Track is really impressive! I admit, I do miss parts of the old ride, but the re-vamp is also VERY well done. I love that they have added "height" to the ride where there wasn't any before, and the effects have been completely updated!

YES! My car totally came in first place!!!! SCREW YOU ALL!!!

And this part! This right here. New Test Track. Old Test Track. Doesn't matter. It always has and always will be one of the favorite parts of ANY ride that has ever existed!

Yeah, so this totally happened...

We of course had to pay Gary a little visit at Mission: Space.

This is our crew... We are totally doomed! TPDave. I hope you brought enough Triscuits to last through hyper sleep!

OK, you know what? Screw the rides! Food & Wine is going on and you know what that means? That's right! BEER!!!! lol

To celebrate the vegan booth, we ate our Hawaiian Pork Sandwiches in front of it! ;) Mmmm... Tasty little piggies!

While we didn't have our Disney MagicBands yet, Derek was proudly showing off the Six Flags version! As you can see, he has charging privileges on his!

"I'm eating Australian meat...it tastes just like Amber!"

Elissa is a growing girl so she had a healthy supply of Chinese dumplings...

Exactly six plates worth! (No, seriously she ACTUALLY ate six plates worth of dumplings!!!)

OCCUPY CHEESE!!! Well, it happened. The cheese fondue was removed from the menu for the 2013 Food & Wine Festival! So we organized a PROTEST!!! We sat here for about ELEVEN SECONDS and DAMMIT we MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!

When in Germany... HAVE BEER!!!

Would you trust YOUR daughter with this man?

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