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Six Flags Over Texas
2201 Road To Six Flags St E, Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 640-8900
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Texas Giant Bash 2011


"Nobody ever wins a giant A$$ panda..."

Mr. Six mask only $4.50 in Looney Tunes mall! Everyone buy one for ERT!!!

Night time at Six Flags Over Texas...

Night ERT starts with a classic!

Mmmm.... Awesome Schwarzkopf goodness!

TPR loves Schwarzkopf!

"Woah! I swear I didn't touch either of those kids!"

TPR loves Classic Schwarzkopf rides! OR....at least we really tried to! Turns out we broke it...


Ops Supervisor Jeremy was AWESOME and tried everything he could to get the ride going again...but we broke it REALLY good!

But it didn't really matter because we had ERT on New Texas Giant!!!

Well, TPR, is New Texas Giant better during the day or at night?

The verdict is in! New Texas Giant is even MORE INSANE at night!!!

For all you guys wondering if the wheels hit the bolts, you can see the tire stripe and how much clearance there is!

"Hey Alan! Check us out! We love NTAG!!!"

I think you'll find the New Texas Giant on a lot of people's top ten steel list this year! Or would that be top ten wood? Hmmm....

The die-hards!!! Some of us got even 20+ rides during ERT! Thank you to Six Flags Over Texas!!!!

Thank you to Jake, Jennifer, Chad, and anyone else who submitted photos! Now....
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