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Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea
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TPR's South Korea Trip 2007

Lotte World    Tongdo Fantasia   Kyungju World   Woobang Towerland   Kumdoriland  
Everland   Seoul Land   Marine World   Children's Grand Park

(Photos by Robb & Elissa Alvey, Brian Place, Chris Fourmont, Dave Thomas, George Greenway, Jeff Johnson, Joey Mandel
Louise Royal, Paul Chapman, Peter Lofstrand, Richard Bannister, Steve Corcoran, Tom Hardwick, Don Gworek)

Today is 'Woobang Towerland!' And it's not just a funny name....

They really DO have a tower!!!

So once again we do a group photo.
(Note - all you can see is KidTums legs!)

We walk in the park and what's the first thing we spot? A BOOMERANG! Oh, this is going to be a GREAT day!

Ahh, crap...looks like this Boomerang is going to be down for the count. :(
(Wait, did I just get bummed out about not riding a Boomerang?)

Guys! It's a *BOOMERANG!!!* Don't look so bummed out! They are just welding it together, I'm SUUUURE it will be open later!

Ok, fine, move on...next stop. "Camel Back!"

As you can see MUCH EXCITEMENT for the all mighty Camel Back!

Gee, I wonder where it gets it's name from?

Yup, it's Camel Back's lift hill....next please!
(We see you Mr. Woobang Tower!)

"Hi, my name is Elissa...and I'm on Camel Back...please stop looking at me...if you keep looking at me laser beams will shoot out of my eyes and destroy your Seoul!"

Ok, this looks like it could actually be pretty decent!

So it's a really big coaster with nothing but drops and floater airtime hills...what's not to like?

Camel Back gets two perplexed thumbs up!

Yup, more track photos. Amazing isn't it?

Wave at the screen and they will wave back!


Have we filled our quota of random Camel Back track photos yet?

Ok, one more than I swear we are done!

Let's check back with that Boomerang...nope! Still welding. I wonder if it will open?

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