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Alabama Adventure
5051 Prince Street, Bessemer, Alabama 35023
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Theme Park Review's 2009 Deep South Trip

Our next stop was about as deep into the South as you can get...Alabama!

It's true! Everything IS dirtier in the south.

"Hi, my name is Eli. I am from the South and I can tell you honestly that I am a very, very dirty person!"

Yay! Cedar Point Afro Fountain LIVES!!!

Let's get one thing out of the way...the park is nice and all, but we are here to brave Rampage! And that we did!

Rampage has been voted a "Top Ten" woodie in the past and todays ride did not dissapoint!

Our ERT session on Rampage was one of the most INSANE ERT sessions TPR has ever had!

Ahh, there goes our riders...off into the sunset...I sure hope they make it backi!

If I told you Rampage was "smooth" I would be lying. This coaster has some serious jolts in it that will make you scream! But it's also a balls-to-the-wall insane ride. Those are screams of pain followed by some masochistic pleasure!

We did the the opprotunity to get some photos from areas guests are normally not allowed to walk into.

Yay! More "behind the scenes photos!"

Yes! Rampage is operated by TPR MEMBERS!!!

The girls of TPR say "Rampage is AWESOME!!!"

In the south, random people get to gether in covered areas and scream for various amounts of time.

Alabama Adventure set up the "table-o-crap" for us. It was filled with awesome goodies to give away for those who could answer Alabama Adventure trivia questions.

This group lunch is brought to you by...oh, you guys know it already!

It was time for the Musik Express take over!!!

In the south, you are required to sing and dance with your twin on all flat rides.

You are also not allowed to put your arms down. If you put your arms down you are instantly tazered and forced to drink gallons of cheap light beer.

In the south, boobs double as cup holders!

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