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Six Flags Great Adventure
1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, New Jersey, 08527 USA
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Green Lantern Media Day

Today was Media Day for Six Flags Great Adventure's Green Lantern.

Although is has been raining in the area on and off for 72 hours, the sun came out this morning.

About 200 media guests listened to Kristin Siebeneicher (Park's PR Manager) and John Fitzgerald (Park President) open up the coaster with the help of The Green Lantern. Luckily The Green Lantern is a corps of people, so no one complained that this was that the real Green Lantern.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. On to the pictures....and a POV Video of the ride!

Free swag consisted of movie posters and this Special Edition Comic Book.

First Page of the fact sheet for all of media types, if anyone really wants to see the second page let me know.

and most importantly: The Green Lantern Oath

Here is the man we are here to see.

After the media ate free food

we recited the Green Lantern Oath, smoke and streamers appeared and people ran to the coasters.

I didn't run, that would make my pictures even blurrier.

I walked to take pictures

of all the storyboards

in the queue

So that you won't have

to use Google

to learn the origin of

this guy

before riding

the coaster.

We start with the necessary lift hill. Necessary unless you are a launched coaster or a Boomerang, or Thunderbolt at Kennywood or .... you get the idea.

I tweaked my back getting this exclusive shot of the lift hill.

After the train comes down the first hill

it heads into the controversial yellow loop de loop.

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