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Gamagori, Aichi Japan
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Photos from "TPR Japan Trip 2007"

"Please don't let this be a group of loser coaster enthusiasts....ah crap...."

Dammit, I forgot to get my portable ashtray!!!

The fort style entrance to Lagunasia. Very nice.

This is what you see when you walk into the park. Great setting! You can see some of the coasters in the background.

Joey hangs out with his new retarded walrus friend! He named him "Jules."

"Hello Mr. Pirate's Blast sign. Are you this new for 2007 coaster?" "Yup!" "Cha-CHING!"

Ryan and Robb are not as sexy as the Japanese girls in the back.

"What just happened?"

We nick named it "Wet Fart"

Aqua Wind was GREAT! It was a cross between a Wild Mouse and a Bobsled coaster. Good airtime and some fun indoor bits!

Car load of losers!

Bob's way too happy. Chuck's all "I think I just swallowed my pancreas."

Magical Powder....yeah, Joey knows ALL about this stuff! *cough* Grog *cough*

Joey, look! This one can make you a man!!! =)

So the ride vehicles were these half-circle "lounge cars" that turned to face the other way half way through the ride. Very bizarre!

This guy was like the "Giant Toast Monster!"

The happy elves work in a factory filled with cake, little duckies, and rodents. Yeah, I'm thinking there was some "Magical Powder" used in the design of this attraction!

Grandpa Elf has been taking the stuff for years and as you can see he's doin' just fiiiiiiiine....

There is so much happiness in this ride that it threatens my manhood!

And yes you CAN by cans of this stuff at the exit gift shop!!! (No, it didn't turn Joey into a man, just in case you're wondering...)

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