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Playland Park
Rye Parkway, Rye, New York 10580 USA
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Theme Park Review's 2008 East Coast Trip

Theme Park Review's East Coast Trip!
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"Hi ladies...here is my big camera. I'm next to this CLASSIC coaster car...and that's important!"

Ken is a big fan of TPR. He put our name up in lights and for that we think he's pretty cool too.

Luko is a CLASSIC! And that's important!

Don't be scared! At least you weren't too tall!

Why doesn't Jahan have any friends?

Mouse, yes. Crazy? Sure!

Later dudes!

So they DID make another one of these things!

*sigh* It wasn't THAT bad, actually!

Random S&S shot tower photo!

Honestly, this one really wasn't that bad! Sure it can bang you around a bit, but that's fun too!

Aha! Another CLASSIC! Like Taco Bell! And that's IMPORTANT!

Rye Playland's "Derby Racer" is only one of three left in the world. Don't be fooled by it looking like a carousel. This ride is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not a frankfurter.

Can you find the dude in this picture?

Just be glad it's not off the side of a tower!

OMG! Deal or No Deal! Where's the hot chicks??!?!

Um...we said we wanted hot chicks?

Well, we never got our hot chicks. But we learned that if you play enough Deal or No Deal you get a LOT of random crap! =)

TPR wants to send a big THANK YOU to Rye Playland! This park is a CLASSIC! Like Otter Pops! And that's IMPORTANT!

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