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1-3 Kouraku Bunkyo Tokyo 112-0004 Japan
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Photos from "TPR Japan Trip 2007"

So here we are back at Thunder Dolphin....look at it...just LOOK at it...

It just looks like it should be one of the best coasters in the freaking world!

But it's just so....so "meh"....

I mean, it's not a "bad" ride, it's just doesn't deliver the intense sheep raping....fist full of yen.... ass kicking.... ride it looks like it should.

"Stupid Thunder Dolphin! It should have been so good!"

Oh, yeah, and don't forget to put your soul in the locker!

For those of you who want to wax nostolgic about rides once found at Knott's and SFOG....

They have a parachute drop here! And it's the good stand up kind like Knott's and Boardwalk and Baseball used to have!

I'm not sure why but Richard convinced me to go on Geo Panic again. He must hate me! =)

It's ok though because Bob made him ride the Spinning Coaster!

This was the first time I ever saw Hershey's in Japan!

So next up we went to Sea Paradise...something you can see from a mile away!

So Blue Fall is pretty much like having sex with a supermodel if you're into Intamin drop rides. It really doesn't get any better, or much taller (unless you like kangaroos) anywhere else in the world.

Chris is pretty much deathly afraid of drop towers...and that makes Elissa happy!

He does not look so sure about this...

"Anything to torture the TPR bitches!!!"

"AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Yup, he pretty much just crapped a yakatori skewer!

Yeah...it really is pretty awesome! You can see the brake fins on the two that have the "fake drop." Yeah.... "fake drop!"

So Surf Coaster really confuses me....

It *looks* like it should be the ultimate Togo death machine...but it's really REALLY good!!!

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