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Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
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West Coast Bash 2009 Update

Zoomed in on the first drop because we were told you guys like this sort of thing.

This little "bump" could provide an interesting surprise!

More random wood bits.

"I'm telling you...Terminator is JUST a cover up! The real name of the ride is going to be Goliath!!!"

More shots of GCI wooden goodness.

This will soon be the entrance bridge into the area.

I gotta feeling you're going to be flying through this section pretty fast!

Hmmm...any reason why there is a dark ominous cloud hovering over Deja Vu?

"It would be really cool to bring a piece of wood like this one home with me!" (element of foreshadowing here for all you literary buffs)

I like bolts. I. Like. Bolts. I like bolts. I. Like. Bolts. What's that? That's a bolt. What's that? That's a bolt. And bolts keep things in place. We turn like a bolt. We turn like a bolt. Cause bolts keep things in place. I like bolts. I. Like. Bolts. I like bolts. I. Like. Bolts.
(ps. if you know what TV show this is from...

Tim Burkhart and Neal Thurman say "If you see that Alvey guy lay on our concrete slab again, please get security! But seriously come out and ride Terminator Salvation: The Ride Memorial Day weekend...you're gonna LOVE it!"


Right in the middle of the 11:15 construction tour, a random 5 minute hail storm came out of the blue and rained ice pieces on everyone! While on one hand it was actually pretty darn funny, this will probably be the closest Terminator Salvation: The Ride will come to ever seeing "snow."

"Ok, drop the train and lets see how far we can jump it!"


Ooh! Secret entrance to Terminator revealed!

Here is the lift hill just laying all over the floor!

In case you want to build your own wood coaster in your back yard, you'll need lots of this stuff.

OK everyone, time to head back to the real world and say goodbye to Terminator Salvation: The Ride...at least until Memorial Day!

Big Mike says "Thank you Magic Mountain for letting us check out Terminator Salvation: The Ride!"

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