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14523 Carowinds Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-2600
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TPR's 2009 Deep South Tour

A few years ago we went to Carowinds and this photo of Elissa's boobs, one in each state, was created. It is STILL to this day the BEST PHOTO EVER POSTED TO TPR!

Our day started out with some ERT on Top Gu....err...Flight Dec....Err...After Burn. Yeah, that's it!

After Burn is actually one of the better B&M inverts.

TPR agrees. We like B&M inverts whose name comes eating too many Buffalo Wild Wings!

Oh! Its from FIGHTER JETS! I get it now...

"Ok TPR! Are you ready for the most awesome coaster in the Carolinas?"

That's right! Caroline Cobra! The best named Boomerang EVAR!!! (no, really, we actually think it's great and has a kick ass logo too!)

So you might be thinking "Yeah, I've seen Boomerangs before, what's the big deal?"

Yeah, but have you see one with trains like this? Noooooo!

That's right! Now you can ride a Boomerang without having to worry about bashing your head into small peices of floating goo.

Oh, yeah, don't let me forget to give a shout out to our favorite Carowinds ride op, Pufferfish!

Hmm...there seems to be a lot of dirt here.

I have always wanted to know who invented liquid soap, and why.

My "sources" tell me this is a 4-across, prototype looping Vekoma woodie. Anyone hear something different?

KidTums credit!!!!

You can only ride this coaster if you are at least 36 inches tall, but less than 40", or have an adult, or have ridden a pogo stick in the last 27 minutes, and are holding two monkeys and a flamingo, and the flamingo's name must be "Harold", and a bee keeper had recently attacked you with a multi-purpose spoon.

And now...for SCOOBY DOO CHALLENGE!!!!! (No bee keepers or their bees were harmed during the Scooby Doo Challenge)

Elissa says "I have a green gun and I don't like beans!"

The man in this picture who is trying to catch bees in his mouth may be the winner of this challenge. Or he could just have a serious problem with his jaw. Who knows.

Woah...what's this with Adam in the front seat...WITH A GIRL (oh, sorry, that's his wife) and Bryan takes the BACK SEAT to Adam? hmm...

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