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IAAPA Trade Show

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IAAPA 2014 Trade Show Update - Orlando, FL

Here's another one of the Mack Rides coaster design contest winners. Such a cool idea!

Here's a look at one of the dark ride models at the Sally Corp booth!

The detail on these Sally Corp dark ride models is just amazing!

Yes, even you too can have a robot dinosaur as a pet!

Seriously, this Sally Corp Joker animatronic was totally impressive! Look at the detail! WOW!

Here's when he blasted us during Tuesday's press conference! LOL! Awesome!

Pucker up! Everything theme park related you can imagine is here at IAAPA!

There was a huge crowd for Tuesday's Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman 4D Coaster Train unveiling!

You can tell Shawn loved taking that jump! lol

And Elissa loved jumping off random platforms as well!

Getting real friendly with the force, are you Elissa? =)

Another look The Gravity Group's Switchback wooden shuttle coaster train for ZDT's Amusement Park!

For the coaster nerds! Wheel close-ups of Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman train!

Here's another coaster dork photo of the Batman Train!

And one more look at that sexy Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman train!

"Waffle on a stick? YES PLEASE!" You know you're at IAAPA when you find all kinds of "food on a stick!" =)

Now that TPR has covered IAAPA, its time to see IAAPA from Kristen's perspective!

First up in Kristen's tour of IAAPA is Ropes Courses' giant display!

Bobs Space Racers was on Kristen's list of booths to stop by at IAAPA.

Kristen rode the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Batman prototype at S&S and now she's at IAAPA checking out the real thing!

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