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IAAPA Trade Show

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IAAPA 2012 Trade Show Update - Orlando, FL

Once again, it is that time of the year... IAAPA! This is the heart and soul of the amusement park industry. Where parks, big and small, come together to shop for everything from new multi-million dollar rides to water park towels. It's a fascinating trade show! Check out all of our photo and video coverage!

Video #1 - S&S, Silver Dollar City, Rocky Mountain Construction:

Video #2 - B&M, ProSlide, MVR

Video #3 - Great Coasters and Gravity Group

Video #4 - Intamin, Air Race POV, Zamperla, More Rocky Mountain!

Video #5 - Sally Corp, Mack Rides, Vekoma, Lo-Q, Maurer Sohne, Soaring Eagle POV

Sad day...

Waiting to get the scoop on the next big coaster to end up at Six Flags Great Adventure!

Huge examples of dark ride theming can be found throughout the show floor.

Animatronics are also a major part of the show's vendor focus.

Could this S&S concept observation tower/coaster combo end up becoming a reality?

We're in Proslide heaven right now!


How about an overview of the midway?

Moser Rides brought in one of those awesome flat rides that you find at Sega Joypolis...

We approve!

Skycoastin Steve's some kind of celebrity!

Our society is quickly gravitating towards a Buy n' Large approach on life.

Chocolate chip cookie dough Dippin Dots!

Our annual visit to Connie's Pizza? Tradition fulfilled!

Greatest GCI Millennium Flyer car ever!

Remember the slide-thru-slide concept from last year's show? That's a reality now!

Anyone need some support?

Gerstlauer's tradition booth was here once again.

This may the most TPR-friendly slide concept Proslide has ever produced!

They have a junior Speed of Light game!

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