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Six Flags New England
1623 Main St, Agawam, Massachusetts 01001
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Theme Park Review's 2008 East Coast Trip

Theme Park Review's East Coast Trip!
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Next stop? This dude's house!

Why does everyone look so tired this morning? Out too late last night? =)

And since we are at Six Flags New England, what is our main goal? Superman: Ride of Steel of course!

Yup, this is what we are here for-- 90 minutes of Superman ERT!

Check out TPR's Supergirls! (Phil doesn't look so impressed!) =)

I think these next few photos speak for themselves! (Thanks Hanno!)

If you look at all the faces I see excitement, joy, thrilled, intense pounding orgasm, etc, etc!

Fly TPR! FLY!!!

I will say this. Superman wasn't running *quite* as insane as I've ridden in the past, but it still was like "OMFG AMAZING TOP TEN RIDE!"

Look at the faces. Stare at them. They make me happy!

Oh Noes!!!! Watch out for that acid filled mist tunnel!

Two very erect thumbs up!

Man that's a lot of white T-Shirt airtime!

"Who needs sex when you have Superman? Actually, what is sex?"

Oh, yeah, we also had ERT on Batman!

"Batman and Superman ERT = the PERFECT MORNING!"

Front Seat - now THAT is an orgiastic scream! (See our China updates for definition of Orgiastic Scream!)

B&M floorless fun!

What's up dudes? Prepared to be FLOORED! Bwahahahahaha!!!! Oh, I crack myself up!

Flippy, flip, flip, flip, flip!

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