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SeaWorld of San Diego
500 SeaWorld Drive San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 226-3901
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Theme Park Review's 2009 West Coast Trip!

Let's check out the Sky Ride...one of the few remaining rides of it's kind in the USA!

It just goes out and back over the bay. It's cool to check out.

And you might see some slightly retarded, possibly drunk people along the way!

Hooray! Sea World's tower!!!

One thing to note about Sea World San Diego over the other sister parks is that none of the theaters have any covering to shade the seats from the sun.

Here you can see where Shamu hangs out between shows. (Again, note the uncovered venue - very odd since all the other Sea World's have covered seating areas.)

The new Sesame Street area looked great!

Atlantis in all it's glory.

And now, probably the coolest thing that the Sea World parks offer...Behind The Scenes tours!

Our tour guide was awesome.

I will be sure to discharge only clean water!

If you've ever wondered what a water treatment facility at theme park looked like, now you know!

We got to check out the holding areas for the dolphins and other marine life.

"Hows it going guys? Check me out. I'm a dolphin!"

There was a newborn dolphin in these tanks!

"Yo guys...no photos of the kids please...they aren't allowed on the internet until they are 18 years old."

Backstage Sea World! Oooh....Ahhh....

Did you ever wonder what a Sodium Thiosulfate container looked like? Well now you know!

Random Dolphin!

"You can take all the dolphin photos you want."

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