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TPR's 2009 Scandi Tour

The final day of the trip is here! Linnanmaki!!!

We started our day with some ERT on "Vuoristorata" also known as the Scenic Railway.

You all look very happy, but are you ready for a challenge?

The local news crew have dared us to hold this egg and pass it back and forth while the coaster is running without breaking it. My response - "Are you kidding? No problem!"

Hmm...that looks like quite a ride...do you think the TPR crew can do it?

Here we go, passing the egg from the front of the train, to the back of the train, and the up front again!

The hand-off!

Mid-ride you can see Fran on the left side handing off the egg! Did we do it?

SUCCESS! No problem! In fact, we passed the egg for three or four rides and requested that we try to pass the chicken the egg came from, but we were denied that. (The chicken wasn't available on that day.)

Yay! TPR loves Vuoristorata!!!

Oh, yes...they had one of these evil contraptions there too! Now this one was NOWHERE NEAR as crazy as the Grona Lund version, but there were still a couple of good OMFG moments on it!

And I don't care what anyone says. That right there. That...is phallic! =)

Kirmu produces the best facial expressions!

OMG! I had no idea Rosie O'Donnell was on the trip!

As you can see, the boys are getting ready for the phallic part of the ride!

And speaking about egg challenges, did we mention this park has the awesome "Egg Ride?"

That's right! The Egg Ride is an outdoor dark ride where you see cows and your favorite barnyard animals.

There are even guitar playing baby chickens named "Fanny." Yes, this ride is quite awesome and NOT to be missed!

Salama aka Salami Coaster aka Maurer Söhne spinning coaster!

Hey guys, try not to look TOO excited, ok?

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