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Waldameer Amusement Park
220 Peninsula Drive, Erie, Pennsylvania 16505
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Ravine Flyer II Film Shoot

Theme Park Review was invited to come out to Waldameer Park and shoot some photos and videos for the new Ravine Flyer II designed by The Gravity Group. It was quite a crazy day taking in over 50 rides on the new coaster!

Ravine Flyer II was ready for us when we all arrived bright and early in the morning.

Check out our Ravine Flyer II Video!

If the video does not stream in your browser you may download it by clicking here:

Don't worry girls...the camera is secure...it won't be smacking you in the face! =)

One interesting fact about Ravine Flyer II is that it was built over a local highway!
It took many years to get the permits to build the bridge over the road.

This is what the world would look like if you were the bridge.

Ok, ok...you all are excited to ride! So let's ride!

The view from the first drop is pretty awesome!

Of course you get some interesting facial expressions about 5 seconds later!

Pretty soon we will be down there in that tunnel!

First Drop! Next stop....TUNNEL!

You go from tunnel RIGHT over the bridge!

C'mon! Come get me! I dare ya!

How about a little pop of airtime as we fly over those cars?

There they go...on the way to hill #2!

Hill #2 was pretty awesome. It was kind of like a 2nd first drop!

Hey guys! How's it going?

Pay no attention to Cameron sun bathing on the track!

Wheee! Back over the bridge we go!

Get ready for "Bridge Part Deux"

It's just a sea of tunnels.

Bridge = Airtime Love

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