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Lake Winnepesaukah (Lake Winnie)
1730 Lakeview Dr, Rossville, GA 30741
(877) 525-3946
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Theme Park Review's 2009 Deep South Trip!

Oh, look! The name of this park is Lake Winnie...imagine that.

The park treated us like the royalty that we are! Well, at least for 30 minutes! =)

"We're too sexy for this coaster...too sexy for this coaster...soooo sexy!"

I told them on the bus that if you didn't raise your arms in the air for the photos we were going to serve rats sphincter for lunch! No, just kidding, they are actually having a good time.


Except this girl She has to eat rat's sphincter.


When the cannon part gets neutered...all that's left is...

Yay! The sun glass twins approved of Cannonball!

Now this here is an evil, evil contraption!

It's ok if Paul dies because Canadians aren't worth as much as Americans.

Dan and Brook, are you SURE you're comfortable with this thing?

What if I told you this tiny little pin was the only thing keeping you from becoming pavement sausage?

The ride starts flat on the ground as shown...

And then OMFG...you can fly and spin until you puke!

Note that you have total control of your plane and the REALLY good people could spin this thing continuously!

"Be sure to make your OH! face on the OH! Zone!" =)


Lake Winnie was nice enough to have "coaster parts" on sale for us! The PTC buzz bar plate was pretty cool. And yeah, we cleaned them out! =)

Martin, did you get your patches?

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