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Efteling (De Efteling)
Europalaan 1, Postbus 18, 5170 AA Kaatsheuvel Netherlands
+31 416 288 111
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TPR's 2008 European Tour

Efteling is a beautiful park. Here you will find lots of flowers and trees and stinging done by random bees.

ERT started on Pegasus. Everyone is having an amazing time. Except for the two in the front seat. The are looking like they are about to pinch a loaf!

Everyone seems pleased with their ride but Patrick in the front seat is doing his best Ken/Ryu fireball impression.

I've never seen so many excited people over a kiddie woodie!

Next up on the ERT schedule was Python. It's a Vekoma, but it's not bad at all....although front seat dudes aren't so sure about what is going to happen next!


"Oh, we are so corkscrewed!"

OMG! I didn't know the unabomber was on our trip! (Note that could also be Weird Al Yankovic)

Vekoma brace position!

Next for ERT we rode "Bob"

Everyone liked riding "Bob"

"It's just like an onride photo...except the camerawoman has boobs!"

OMG! OMG! It's a POV SHOT of Bob!!!!

Oh, yeah, I forgot this lift hill shot of Pegasus for you Lift Hill nerds. Enjoy!

And other Pegasus POV shot.

"Ok Chris, now that ERT is over where are we going next?" "How about the two panthers on the creepy clown face ride?" "Do they have that kind of thing here?"

OMG! They do!!!

Next we tried to get on the Flying Dutchman since it actually looked like it was going to open today! We had to wait a little bit for some extra testing, but it did open!

"Hey look! We are being French Crunched in the Netherlands!" (ps. The technical term for lots of European kids who are aggressively line jumping and pushing is known as the French Crunch no matter what country you may currently be in.)

Yay! The ride is open!

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