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Drayton Manor
Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3TW
(+44) 08708 725252
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Theme Park Review's 2010 UK Trip

Theme Park Review's 2010 UK Trip!

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And yes...the seats tilt!

At Drayton Manor you can choose crotch pain or no crotch pain on the stand up drop tower. =)

The real men do the floorless side!

Ok, maybe they just *thought* they were real men! =)

Pirate Adventure is your standard "Pirates of the Caribbean knock-off" dark ride.

Poor guy...he was just trying to get some.

It's dark ride law that if you have a Pirates knock-off you MUST have a "random animal holding the keys to the jail cell" scene.

Oh, and you also need a "Giant Pirate Ship Battle" scene.

And Skeletons! Can't have a Pirates knock-off without Skeletons! To be fair, Drayton Manor's Pirate ride is actually pretty decent!

Watch out for Buffalo Chips!

The Buffalo coaster pretty much IS "Ad Advertized!"

"Um, what EXACTLY is that guy doing behind me?!?!?"

The Haunting is a Vekoma Mad House...

...With a Ghostbustersish theme to it...

Larry porn.

TPR Fully Approves the theming on this ride!

Ok, ok, please make all the Lou jokes now...get them out of the way...and send your best ones...

TO DAN!!! First 10 people with funny Lou Jokes get a TPR bag-o-crap!

The shooting dark ride was closed again! I'm convinced this ride doesn't actually exist! =)

Could Happy Feet be the most amazing 4-D Experience ever?

There is something very "Lake Winnie" about this...

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