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Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Media Event 2014

New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is finally COMPLETE!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was the final element of this stunning looking new area (I still think it's the only place in any US Disney park that looks remotely like something you'd find at Tokyo DisneySea) and it did not disappoint! Here is our review...

First off, this is NOT on the level of 'Big Thunder Mountain' or 'Expedition Everest' in terms of thrills. It was never meant to be, and that's not what this ride is about. I just wanted to put that out there! Here is what the ride IS - a great family attraction that's the perfect middle step between Barnstormer and Big Thunder Mountain. Remember guys, it has a 38' height restriction. It's the perfect definition of a 'family coaster.'

The coaster section is a lot of 'fun', much bigger than your average Vekoma roller skater and just thrilling enough to enjoy.

When you watch the video we shot, keep in mind we rode in early empty trains, and when the trains weren't that full the cars didn't seem to swing as much. But when we rode later with a full train, WOW, the cars swung a LOT more and it became slightly more than just an 'kids ride!' It was GREAT! The coaster section us super fun!

The dark ride section was very impressive! I'll be honest, it was a bit shorter than I thought it was going to be, but what was there looked FANTASTIC! The animatronics with the projection mapped faces look VERY 'animated' like a cartoon that jumped off the paper. I was impressed and liked it more and more each ride I took on it.

Overall I think the ride will do very well as it's a solid attraction. If you want bigger thrills, there is Space Mountain, Splash, and Thunder for you, and this fits perfectly well as a step up to those, and also stands on it's own as a fun ride. I mean, it's a MILLION TIMES better than the old and busted looking Snow White Scary Adventures dark ride!!!

While we were editing video, I was discussing the ride with the guys from Attractions Magazine as a good was to describe it. It's not really an 'Everest lite' or 'Thunder Mountain lite', as I've heard some people try to describe it, and it's much better than describing it as a 'Swinging Barnstormer' because it's much more than that.

We thought about it for a bit, and I think we decided that it's a much better, more impressive Disney-fied version of Legoland's Dragon attraction. Good dark ride show scene and 'fun' coaster section, much MUCH better than your average kiddie coaster but not quite to the Thunder Mountain level of thrills.

So a 'bigger, better, Disney version of Dragon' is where we landed and I think that's about accurate!

Looking forward to hearing what you all think of it once it opens to the public! The ride opens officially on May 28th, 2014!

Of COURSE we have a roller coaster POV for you! Check it out! (Note - I just want to add that we felt the cars did not swing anywhere near as much when we rode my ourselves in this video than when we rode later at night with a full train. HUGE difference!)

It's media event time for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

Opening night of the 3-Day event!

This was the "welcome party" so-to-speak and I got to hang out with a lot of cool "characters!"

We were given these awesome Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Magic Bands as part of the media event! I love the idea of "attraction themed" bands!

Disney most certainly know how to throw an awesome party!

I'll tell you who really rocked their #DisneySide at the party tonight... Anna & Elsa from Frozen!

Just being a little Goofy!

I am rocking my #DisneySide with a Sapporo! (Shout out to Tokyo Disneyland!)

Rocking my DisneySide with Frozen's Anna & Elsa!

Lots of selfies were taken tonight with Anna & Elsa!

Celebrating Hollywood Studios 25th with Mickey & Minnie!

I have a thing for Minnie! (Don't tell anyone my secret!)

Mickey wasn't too happy that I wanted a photo with Minnie by herself!

Also got an awesome pic with the Festival of Fantasy characters tonight

Next up was an Epcot Illuminations Dessert Party!

Crazy front & center view! The first night of the 3-Day media event comes to a close! Fantastic night!

It's probably no secret but my #DisneySide is Epcot! ;)

The next morning we had to report to the new attraction! Yup. this is what we are riding today!

We are here to do our rider cam and get some footage of the new coaster!

The ride is taking a few laps with some Disney Imagineers and the ride crew first.

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