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Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World
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TPR's October 2013 Trip

The cast members are super SCAAAAAARY!

Thought this guy would going to axe murder me!

No joke! They REALLY REALLY REALLY want to find that 1 more happy haunt to fill the 1,000 quota!

When you get rejected by Belle, been told the planet has run out of beer, and hockey has been cancelled for the rest of eternity, none of that matters when you're holding a Dole Whip!

Look, I'm just gonna say it. I go giddy when the castle projection show comes on! It really is amazing!

And since I'm a fan of Wreck-It-Ralph, this is my favourite part of the show!

Serious moment here - the show, Celebrate the Magic, it awesome. It's one of those kind of "under the radar" shows, and it just seems to *happen* every night, as a pre-show to fireworks. Watch it. It's spectacular!

And then there is HalloWishes. Probably my favourte park fireworks show! Again, Mickey's Not-So-Scary has to be one of the best "hard ticket" events. We love it!

HalloWishes does this "Fireworks in the round" thing, which is just amazing!

The more explosions the BETTER!

The little touches they do all over the park are just so much fun!

THIS. This right here. A dude with no head galloping through the park. I think this might be one of my single most favorite moments at any park event. I'm happy this tradition has carried on at MNSSHP for years!

The Boo-To-You Parade! Anyone that has seen it has the song stuck in their head RIGHT NOW! (you know you do!)

(You can hear the music here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8YHUD_uD5U

"Hello guy who used to sign my paychecks!"

I know we post this picture year after year, but DAMMIT, it's AWESOME! Yes, those are the grave diggers and yes, they are making cool nifty sparkly things with their shovels.

Grave Diggers in ACTION!

Haunted Mansion float. What? That's what it is! YOU come up with a better caption!

They also give out CAAAAAAANDY at the parade! Best time at a park... EVAR!!!

We rode Big Thunder Mountain and walked right into the coaster!

Jack tries to take a picture but blocks out his family behind him because he says that TP Dave is waaaaaay cuter! (his words... not mine!)

Hello projection spider! How's it going?

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