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Kennywood Park
4800 Kennywood Blvd West Mifflin, PA 15122
(412) 461-7133
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Road to Cedar Point Tour 2011

We had a little surprise in store for our tour members this evening...they all thought we were heading to our hotel after the drive from Dorney...but no...we decided we would make a pitstop...and where did we end up? Kennywood!

We got to the park right as the sun was setting, and that means Kennywood was all lit up!

This was to be some bonus Kennywood Park time in addition to what was already scheduled for the next day!

"Hey, litterbug! In the clown mouth!"

Everyone was pumped to get some bonus Kennywood time!

Hooray! Afro fountain!

We humped the turtle at night....

Lost Kennywood in all it's art deco-ness was looking awesome.

And to top off the evening - night ERT on Phantom's Revenge!


This ride is completely insane at night!

Goodnight TPR! See you bright at early for more Kennywood in the morning! Hope you enjoyed your surprise visit!

Getting to Kennywood is easy! Just follow the arrows!

Next morning, we were at it again bright and early!

Phantom's Revenge may be one of the most under-rated hyper coasters out there. Here's some POV....

Yeah, it's kinda short, but it's seriously FUN, and it's a LOT better than what was there before!

And there is some CRAZY CRAZY airtime on this sucker!

Next up was some Racer ERT!

TPR really got into the racer! It was a handslapping smorgasbord of fun!

It was also raining...pouring! But it didn't matter! We were having an AWESOME time! Here's some Racer POV....

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