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3294 Yanoguchi, Inagi, Tokyo 206-0812 Japan
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TPR's 2008 Japan Trip

Yay! Here we are at Yomiuriland again! Not much has changed since our last visit, but this is still a very nice Tokyo park to check out when you're in town.

Unfortunately today weather would not be the best for us, we were very lucky that Yomiuriland kept all the coasters open in the rain.

No matter how many times you see it, "The Wish of The Emergency" never gets old!

Here is the park from the skyway...as you can see there is NOBODY here!!!

When you see the funky dogs ass, you're at the main entrance! =)

Bow down to Mr. funky dog! Do it! DO IT NOW!!!!

Dudes, relax! You're going to have fun, you're not REALLY being held up by the Bandit!


The Bandit is a seriously fun Togo coaster (yes I said that!) If it didn't have the OTSR's it might actually kick even more ass!

Hooray for meandering all over the park!

Like I said, there is NOBODY here!

We see you funky dog!

Would you like flowers with your cement ice cream cones?

"ENT" is Japanese for "DIE!"

Remember, NO DUCKS on White Canyon!

Yes, White Canyon is that RCCA wood coaster death machine that is ranked one of the top ten WORST coasters in the world!

These "phone booth coffin cars" may be the last thing you ever see.

"No, really guys...it IS that bad!"

Dave made it out, but now he's permanently slumped for the rest of his life!


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